Fashion Designers | Vivienne Westwood

(In honour of ellesaintdeveil – an excellent, well written blog – and her punk post Ripped-Up)

Vivienne Westwood outfitted the very first English punks and then gave birth to successive waves of music fuelled, street-influenced trends. In “Portrait of a Former Punk,” Marion Hume writes in Vogue (1994) that she “is probably England’s greatest fashion designer of this century.” 

Fashion Book - Vivienne Westwood   Haute Couture Mind - Fashion Book - Vivienne Westwood   Vivienne Westwood

She’s the Coco Chanel of our day,Alexander McQueen told Vogue in 2006. “Vivienne Westwood is an unbelievable influence,Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor in Chief, told The New York Times in 1987. “Designer for the nineties” is how Vogue contributor Joan Juliet Buck describes her in an article on British style.


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