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Hamish Bowles

The clothes fascinate me not just because of how they look and are made but because of the women who wore them, the really extraordinary women who inspired their couturiers.” (Hamish Bowles, Vogue Editor)

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He can tell you not only how a Chanel dress was made, but also who wore it and possibly even who the lady was romancing at the time,” wrote The New York Times in 2001.

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Public School

Public School: Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne. Win 2013 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

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We’re both untrained in the classic sense and cut our teeth on the job,” Chow says. “We spent most of our career together at the menswear label Sean John. But more importantly I think we relate to fashion the way we relate to our existence in NYC. Fashion was always a platform for us to stand out from the pack and express our collective cultural interests,” he shares.


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Grace Coddington

If Anna Wintour is the Pope, Grace Coddington is Michelangelo, trying to paint a fresh version of the Sistine Chapel twelve times a year,” Time magazine said in 2009, after Vogue’s creative director rather unexpectedly was launched into the public consciousness by the hit documentary The September Issue.

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Anna Wintour

“It is always gonna be Anna’s point of view. Vogue is Anna’s magazine. That’s who signs it off. We know that. You belong to it. You belong to this church”.

“It is fair to say that Anna [Wintour] is the high priestess of all of us?”

“I would say Pope.”

[Candy Pratts Price – Executive Fashion Director Vogue – “The September Issue” documentary]

The September Issue


A nostalgic look: Marc Jacobs

The Vuitton brand has doubled in size every five years since Marc Jacobs arrival. I was somewhat amazed … not to see a single bag in the first show.” (Bernard Arnauld, LVMH CEO, from “Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton” documentary)

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What if you intelligently master the all magic of fashion?

What if you use, fluently, fashion finesses that your entourage doesn’t know?

Could your fashion erudition score a desirable differentiation in your favour?

A nostalgic look at … Calvin Klein

One of the most famous and controversial Calvin Klein Jeans campaigns featured the not-yet-legal nymphet Brooke Shields saying “Do you want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing!“. 200,000 pairs were sold in one week!

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Do you want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing!”

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Fashion Designers | Karl Lagerfeld

I started with Chanel in 1982 with the first haute couture collection. When I took on Chanel, it was a sleeping beauty. Not even a beautiful one. She snored. But he owners knew that. That’s why they called me. They saw that respect doesn’t sell. Respect never works. So I was to revive a dead woman who most people believed to be definitively dead.” (Karl Lagerfeld in the “Lagerfeld Confidential” documentary, 2004)

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This week, Karl Lagerfeld opened a new exhibition in Germany.

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