Fashion Book

Some of us will become fashion editors. Trendsetters scrutinising collections, the futures Wintour, Bowles, Mower… Some of us will style fashion shoots in Vogue’s and Elle’s, building breathtaking fantasies around models and what they wear. The futures Coddington, Goodman…Some of us will become the ‘first voice – final word’ of what to wear and how to wear it. Writers, critics, personal shoppers, aesthetes…Some of us will become trend-forecasting buyers jet-flying from fashion week to fashion week to mix with brands and designers and editors on behalf of Bergdorf, Barneys, Neiman Marcus…

Some of us. Those of us who learn fashion. Passionately. Committed. Name by name, brand by brand, collection by collection – fashion erudition as the ultimate primer. And then succeeding because we’re crazy enough to think we can access the Modern Gods’ Olympus of Ford, Galliano, Jacobs…

Start here. Go to the Top of Vogue!


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