Courtney Love

Hedi Slimane

To promote his grunge second collection for fall 2013 – plaid shirts, baby-doll dresses, men’s overcoats, fishnets, and slouchy sweaters – he launched the Saint Laurent music project, which featured his black-and-white photos of musicians with vintage allure, such as Kim Gordon, Marilyn Manson, and Courtney Love.

Courtney Love couldn’t resist him. “When Hedi’s collection came out, I was blown away. I was so happy,” she says. “They were such rock clothes. Everything seemed like it was mine.”

Haute Couture Mind - Fashion Book - Hedi Slimane - Saint Laurent - Marilyn Manson

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Hedi Slimane Series, 4 of 8

It was at Dior that Slimane found his signature. He earned a reputation designing stage wear for such pioneers of stylish androgyny as Mick Jagger and Daft Punk. “That’s one of the reasons Dior Homme was so popular,Courtney Love says. “First the power lesbians were wearing it. Then chicks like me started collecting it really fiendishly, almost like Prada cigarette pants.

Courtney Love - Hedi Slimane - 2008

Courtney Love photographed by Hedi Slimane – 2008

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