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Michael Herz has been hired as artistic director of DVF. His position means that he will oversee the brand’s promotion and design, from the creative direction of the ready-to-wear and accessories lines to the aesthetic of stores and advertising campaigns.

As the company continues to grow – and we continue to expand our product categories – it is so important to have someone next to me who will ensure that all products with the DVF name remain true to our brand,” Diane von Furstenberg said.

DVF - Autum Winter 2014-15

DVF, Autum Winter 2014 – 15 ready-to-wear

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Fashion Designers | Diane von Furstenberg

This week, Diane von Furstenberg celebrated the 40th anniversary of her iconic wrap dress with a new LA showcase, documenting the journey of one of the industry’s most enduring styles.

Haute Couture Mind - Fashion Book - Diane von Furstenberg - Wrap dress Diane von Furstenberg


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